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Curso intensivo de español
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  • Teachers of Spanish Course

(Español como Lengua Extranjera - E/LE).

OPTION 1: 30 hours per week. Groups: 4 to 8 students. Duration: 1 week. Course timetable: mornings. Scheduled starting dates.

OPTION 2: 25 hours per week. Intensive Course (20 hours per week) + 5 hours of private class. Duration: 1 week upwards. Course timetable: mornings. Starting date: any Monday.

OPTION 3: 30 hours per week. Intensive Course (20 hours per week) of General Spanish in morning timetable + 10 hours of Spanish for ELE TEACHERS in afternoon timetable. Duration: 2 weeks. Program, dates and prices

Training course to bring SFL teachers with or without experience up to date: includes methodology, methods and resources for the classroom, new technologies applied to the teaching of second languages, negotiation of goals, assessment, how to teach grammar involving special difficulty, Spanish culture and literature, and game-playing component. You will teach Spanish as a foreign language with our courses for sure!

1 SEMANA: 550 EUR /week. EUR
2 WEEKS: 550 EUR /week. Total: 1100 EUR

22nd Jun., 20th Jul.,
17th-31st Aug. 2015.

Option 2: Any Monday


June 23rd, July 14th,
Aug. 18th, September 1st 2014
Option 2: Any Monday
FEES €5501100 
* 20h/week in an intensive Spanish course + 5h/week private tuition (business or teachers programme) 

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Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language courses are becoming more and more popular with people who wish to receive solid, professional training to later teach Spanish to foreigners. At Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, we offer different types of Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language courses where students learn the most appropriate and cutting edge methodology as well as the methods and resources needed to teach Spanish effectively and professionally.

Good Spanish teachers must have a series of special characteristics. First, they must have extensive knowledge of the Spanish language; and secondly, they must have the skills and resources necessary to be able to properly teach the language. The Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language courses offered by Escuela de Idiomas Nerja provide the necessary training to be able to effectively explain and transfer all of the teacher’s linguistic knowledge.

The Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language course also helps experienced teachers get up to date and refresh and update their methods and resources to teach a language, in this case, Spanish. For example, our courses show both how to adequately exploit the new technologies as applied to second language teaching as well as demonstrate the fun aspects all learning should feature.

Good Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers should also be dynamic, flexible and patient. Their main objective is to meet the needs of a variety of students and that is why they must be capable of adapting to different types of students who wish to learn a language depending on their age, interests, preferences, characters, expectations, etc. It is also essential to do everything possible to encourage conversation and intercultural dialogue among students (usually from different countries) on various current issues. Teamwork and cooperation are always positive in fostering the meaningful use of the language in addition to error analysis and self-correction. Finally, with these courses you will learn the techniques to motivate and stimulate students' imagination and ingenuity. A motivated student is a student who will make the best of efforts to speak another language; and it is the teacher’s obligation to create this motivation and excitement for learning in students.



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