The school’s programme of activities includes this exotic trip to our neighbouring country Morocco (trip organised by collaborating agency).

We depart on Friday for Algeciras where we take a boat to Ceuta. From here we go to Tetuán in Morocco. This city, known as ‘the white dove’, has historic ties with Spain and is the place that maintains the greatest ‘andalusies’ characteristics. We have an Evening meal in the hotel and retire for the night. The next day we get up early and go to theMedina of Tetuán where we visit a bazaar and enjoy a typical Moroccan lunch in the Medina.

Later we leave for Tangier, the port for the north of Morocco. Tanger’s proximity to Europe and the strong European presence throughout history mean that what most stands out is the multicultural character of its society. Here we take a trip through the labyrinth like streets of the ‘medina’ with its mix of colours and smells.

The following day there is a visit to Chef-choauén. This is a beautiful city in the foothills of the Rif mountains. Of Andalusian origen, it is famous for its whitewashed houses with typical blue tones. In the afternoon we head back to Ceuta and take the boat to Algeciras on our return journey.

Duration of trip: from Friday to Sunday


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