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Salsa has mixed influences from African and European dances through merging the following styles: son, son montuno, rumba, guaracha. The basic step of all styles of salsa involves three weight changes called “pasos” each time four measures. With our courses you will learn the basics of this worldwide and popular dance style. Surprise your family and friends on the dance floor!


  • 20 hours per week in an Intensive Course.
  • Maximum of 10 students per group.
    Course timetable: mornings, from Monday to Friday.
  • Over 4 hours of SALSA lessons.
    Course timetable: afternoons.


1 Week 388 €
2 Weeks 688 €
Extra Week 300 €

Starting Dates




  • 17th Jan.- 31st Jan.
  • 14th February
  • 7th Mar.- 21st Mar.
  • 4th April - 18th April
  • 2nd May - 16th May
  • 6th June - 20th June
  • 4th July, - 18th July
  • 1st Aug. -15th Aug.
  • 5th Sep. -19th Sep.
  • 3rd Oct. -17th Oct.
  • 7th Nov. - 21st Nov.
  • 5th Dec.

With Spanish knowledge

  • Any Monday.


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