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Flamenco has a musical style and is a typical dance of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia. The primary aspects are singing, playing and dancing with its own traditions and rules. Flamenco was declared a world heritage site since 2010, its influence breaks boundaries. Discover the magic of flamenco in its place of origin. With native speakers you can enjoy the festivities as an Andalusian.


  • Intensive Spanish Course + Flamenco lessons.
  • 20 hours Spanish lessons at your level.
  • Groups of maximum 10 students.
  • + 4 Flamenco lessons in “Escuela de baile”.


1 Week 388 €
2 Weeks 688 €
Extra Week 300 €

Starting Dates




  • 17th Jan.- 31st Jan.
  • 14th February
  • 7th Mar.- 21st Mar.
  • 4th April - 18th April
  • 2nd May - 16th May
  • 6th June - 20th June
  • 4th July, - 18th July
  • 1st Aug. -15th Aug.
  • 5th Sep. -19th Sep.
  • 3rd Oct. -17th Oct.
  • 7th Nov. - 21st Nov.
  • 5th Dec.

With Spanish knowledge

  • Any Monday.


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