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Studies & Methodology

Study programmes for the Intensive Course (20 lessons per week in groups having a maximum of 10 students) and Super Intensive Course (30 lessons per week in groups having a maximum of 6 students) are structured into the six learning levels proposed by theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages, namely, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. In those cases where students level is A1, the specific course starting dates must be consulted. Where students’ already have some knowledge of Spanish, however, courses begin on every Monday of the year. Courses can have a duration of 1 to 32 weeks, according to individual need. The class timetable for Intensive Courses may be in the morning or afternoon, in accordance with the timetable set by the School. Super Intensive Courses are always taught in the morning.

Insofar as methodology is concerned, the School and the manuals that it uses follow a “Task-based approach”. Aside from the Communicative Method, our goal is “significant and real teaching” of Spanish. Classes are taught exclusively in Spanish. Assessment is continuous and, on completing a level every two weeks, students are required to do a progress test (or partial examination). Indeed, their progress is monitored by means of a personalised follow-up conducted by teachers and the Director of Studies. On finishing the course, each student then receives acertificate awarded by the school.


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