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This tiny village, winner of several prizes for its beauty, it is situated 300 metres above sea level and It is one of the so-called “white villages” of the region of Axarquia.

It is famous for its characteristic wine, made with sultanas (sun-dried grapes), cane sugar and molasses which are produced by “Ingenio”, the only sugar factory that still manufactures this product in Europe.

Furthermore, the historical significance of the village in the 16th Century is noteworthy for when the Moorish rebellions converted the village into the site of one of the principal battles between the misunderstood Moors and the troops of King Philip II: the battle of the Rock in Frigiliana. A series of tiles tell the story for visitors to the village.

Escuela de Idiomas NerjaEscuela de Idiomas Nerja
Escuela de Idiomas Nerja


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