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Escuela de Idiomas Nerja was founded in 1980 by its current directors, Luis Carrión and Renate Urban.

Having arisen out of a dream and a desire to spread our language, 14 nominations for the “STAR AWARDS” (awards organised by Study Travel Magazine) and institutions such as IALC back us as one of the best schools in the world in the second language sector, to Learn spanish in Spain.

Exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish in Spain as a foreign language, the school has grown over the years and now offers more than fourteen different types of courses for all ages and interests. From the most general (Intensive, Super Intensive and Private) to more specific (exam preparation, professional, etc.) or more original and entertaining types which combine Spanish learning with an activity like tennis, flamenco or diving.

We also offer a varied and enriching programme of cultural and leisure activities which perfectly complement our courses: seminars, half-day visits, Spanish cooking classes, tapas tour, excursions to other cities, beach volleyball, kayaking, etc.

In order for our students’ stays to be as successful as possible, they may choose and enjoy the type of accommodation that best fits their needs. They may stay at our Club Costa Nerja – our residence hall just three minutes away from the school and five from the beaches-, our top quality apartments or with a Spanish host family.

An enthusiastic and committed team of more than 20 professionals is available to our students to make their stays unforgettable experiences. Directors, teachers and other personnel, all qualified for the jobs they do.

Our teachers are native speakers, have university degrees in filology or the humanities as well as specific training in teaching Spanish in Spain as a foreign language at the master’s, university expert or other level.

Each year, the school organises Internal and External Training Programmes so all of our personnel can continue their lifelong learning and update their knowledge.

And there’s no doubt that what we’re known for in addition to providing excellent professional training is how we treat our students.

We welcome about one thousand two hundred students a year from more than forty different countries yet we’re very proud to say that we are able to make each student feel “unique” with the necessary attention to meet their expectations as concerns their learning and enjoyment of their stay.

And what’s more, we work with agencies, schools and universities around the world which can speak volumes about us. We have been working together for years, growing hand-in-hand while modernising our facilities, services and even our teaching method with one single objective in mind: to offer our students excellence.

You’ll find us in the best enclave possible in Andalusia: right in the heart of the “Costa del Sol” and just fifteen minutes form the “Costa Tropical”.

In Nerja, just 45 min. from the capital city of Malaga, we enjoy an unbeatable climate: an average annual temperature of 20ºC. It’s a village with magnificent beaches, surrounded by mountains of incredible nature; hence, the origin of its name “NARIXA” which means “abundant springs”, which is the absolute perfect description.

We have two buildings located in the historic centre of the village, just a few minutes from the beaches and most important shopping streets. They are just a 3 minute walk from each other:

  • The School, at calle Almirante Ferrándiz 73. It’s mainly used for classes. Indoor classrooms equipped with the latest technologies and outdoor classrooms in a precious and cosy garden which is typical of homes in the South of Spain: an avocado tree, a bougainvillea bush, a lemon tree, a banana tree and other flowers delight our students during their breaks in the “open air” cafeteria.
  • Club Costa Nerja, at calle San Juan 39. Accommodation and many different services. It features 6 splendid studio flats, which were recently built, and 14 rooms (“standard” or “premium” categories). A swimming pool and terraces with mountain views.

It’s also the “meeting place” for all of our students, with a spacious and comfortable Student Living Room as well as a Cafeteria, Book Shop, Library, Laundry Room, Study Room and Andalusian courtyard where they can gather with classmates or study outdoors.

Students have Wi-Fi at all of our facilities.

The diversity of the natural landscapes and respect for the sustainable development of the economy and society have led to Nerja becoming one of the main ecotourism destinations on the Costa del Sol. A number of public and private institutions in Nerja, including the Escuela de Idiomas Nerja through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, have turned the Andalusian town this year into one of the most important ecotourism spots in Spain.

Its privileged geographic situation, with a mild climate throughout the year, natural surroundings and the friendliness of its people make Nerja one of the favourite destinations of more than 150,000 students from around the world who travel to Spain each year to learn Spanish.

At Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, we work under a commitment of complying with sustainable development and mitigating the impact of our corporate actions. Therefore, the Andalusian school is organised in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria, which encourage caring for the environment and nature surrounding the village of Nerja.

In 2001, the European Commission defined CSR as “a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”. In other words, the three “Ps”: People, Planet, Profit is the best way to summarise what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about.

For years, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has been voluntarily balancing out its growth and competitiveness with the integration of its commitment to social development and environmental improvement. In fact, through CSR, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has taken on the commitment of safeguarding the ethical, environmental and social interests of “Nerjan” society.

15 reasons to choose us


More than 40 years of experience.


A modern and effective method that guarantees learning.


A wide range of courses, to fit the needs of the students who wish to study Spanish in Spain.


All levels, from A1 to C1.


Professional treatment in a family-like atmosphere.


Qualified and very motivated teachers.


High quality accommodation.


Fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities.


All types of cultural, social and sporting activities.


Themed seminars included.


One of the most important natural monuments in Europe: The Prehistoric Nerja Caves.


A subtropical climate.


Surrounded by precious beaches and mountains.


The entire town is within walking distance.


Just 1 hour from cities like Malaga and Granada.


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