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By 21 January, 2020January 31st, 2020EIN


A few decades ago, in a town near Malaga, the blueprint for our present day School in Nerja was launched. At that time, Nerja was a coastal village inhabited by fishermen and farmers with a unique and special charm.

Few know or remember that the initial classes were held at the directors’ home or in students’ houses, but that was how it began. Over the years the School expanded: improved facilities, increased classrooms, more teachers, a beautiful Andalusian patio, the garden and, of course, our magnificent Student Residence.

Many people have collaborated to make this dream come true: our team, partners, agencies around the world and of course, above all, our valued students. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for 40 unforgettable years!

Let us commemorate and celebrate this great achievement!

40th Anniversary offer to student enrolling from February to December 2020: 5% discount off the cost of all Courses.

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