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A little bit of Football and a little bit of Spain

The students following the Spanish courses in the School have seen as Spain has unfortunatelly been knocked out from the Football World Cup very soon, leaving bars sad and lonely. Spanish national team is not in the World Cup anymore, but, is not Spain in Brazil? A bit of Spain can be found in France, Switzerland and, for a long time now, in German football teams.

There is a player who has been a symbol for the powerful German team for many years. His name is Mario Gómez García, who couldn’t make for the World Cup because of his poor shape after a serious injury. Striker Mario Gómez has played, scoring more than one hundred goals in his Bundesliga career at Bayern Munich and German national team, and this season he is playing for Fiorentina, in Italy. His grandparents and father were born in the village of Albuñán (Granada).

 Besides, Mathieu Valbuena plays for France. He is of Spanish origin through his father, who is originally from the city of Valladolid, in Spain’s north central part. Like many other Spanish people, his father emigrated to Bourdeaux many years ago. Now, his son, Valbuena is a technical, fast player in Marseille, and he is also one of star performers in France, a country with which he wants to win the World Cup.

Finally, one of the main players in Switzerland is defender Phillippe Sylvian Senderos. He is a great football player who has played for Arsenal in the Premier League and in Italian Milan as well. Now he is back to England, playing in Birmingham’s Aston Villa. His father is Spanish, to be more precise, he is from a village in Guadalajara called Santiuste, where the player usually travels. His father went to live to London in the first place, and then to Geneva, where he met his wife, who gave birth to Senderos.

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