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Avocados, mangos, lychees and many other delicious tropical fruits

By 25 September, 2014June 6th, 2018Nerja, Spanish cuisine, Spanish Culture

Avocados, mangos, lychees, custard apples…The raising of tropical fruits and vegetables is one of the chief economic activities in Nerja and its surrounding area. This region in the east of the Costa del Sol is known as the Axarquía.

Other fruits that we can find in the countryside of Nerja are longans, papayas and mangos. Students love them. Moreover, the School has an avocado tree and a banana tree in its own garden.

At Nerja, if we look up to the mountains, in the inland, we can find many fields with tropical fruits that are raised by the local farmers, who mainly sell them to the European market.In fact, the region of the Axarquía is the most important in Europa regarding the exportation of these kinds of fruits.

Traditional cultivation of olives, grapes and loquats has been combined in the last years with tropical fruits imported from Mexico (avocados), Peru (custard) or India (mango), which has let the local fruit producers to spread and diversify their business, increasing the land output.

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