“Crazy” in Frigiliana

The students that have visited Frigiliana (Málaga) with the School this week have enjoyed a wonderful sunny day and awesome views. This sort of extracurricular activities, out of the classroom, helps the students to practise the language in a non-formal, funny and relaxed atmosphere.

Frigiliana is a typical Andalusian white village, situated 10 kilometers north of Nerja, towards the mountains. The village was inhabited by the muslims for centuries, so it still keeps the muslim culture architecture of the era, in co-existence with Jews and Christians. That is why Frigiliana is also called “The Town of the Three Cultures”.

The School visits the town several times a month, so that the students can enjoy the Andalusian cultural and historical  heritage. There, the students can go for a walk across the village’s narrow streets and then put an end to the visit, tasting the typical sweet wine of the land.

So, the photo above is to say goodbye to the week, saying “hello” to an intensely warm weekend, full of football celebration and…a little bit of crazy. It is always necessary to fully enjoy life!

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