Dancing (and learning Spanish)

By 15 July, 2014 June 6th, 2018 Spanish Culture

July’s song for Spanish as a Second Language lessons cannot be other than “Bailando”, by Enrique Iglesias. Students ask for it everyday. They already know the lyrics to the song by heart and teach them to the new students every week. Thanks to this song we can learn the gerund form in beginners and elementary levels and, at the same time, to set a reflection on some Hispanic culture commonplaces.

Music is one of the students’ favourite tools to learn Spanish. Teachers also use music in lessons to change classroom dynamics and also to reinforce confidence in a positive way, creating a good atmosphere inside the group of students.

“Bailando is the summer hit in every Spanish club and it is played in almost every Spanish bar. When the youngest students come to Spain the already know many songs in Spanish, since Lation Pop is also the latest trend at their own countries’ clubs. By going more deeply into these songs’ meaning, students feel more motivated to learn Spanish, as they can use the language in a practical and real context in their teenage lives.

So, thank you, Enrique, for helping us to give enjoyable and efficient lessons. Here you have the official video post. We would like to remind you that words to the song are also available in El Sol, the School’s newsletter, in its July issue.

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