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By 22 November, 2013 October 24th, 2018 The School

Aki Hiroya (Japan) is back her hometown,Sapporo, after more than six months in the Escuela de Idiomas. During this time, she has become an example for all of us, thanks to her kindness, grace, effort, responsibility and quietness. Some days ago we were talking with her and here is what she told us:

– Hi, Aki!! How are You? First of all, thanks a lot for the interview. It’s an honor for us that you are here enjoying life in Nerja. Oh, by the way, in case we visitJapan, What do you recommend us to visit there?

– I suggest you to visitKyotoandNara, two very interesting cities because of their great history. When you walk down the streets, you can admire their buildings, which are very old and beautiful.

– What else do you think we have to see (monuments, landscapes…) if we go toJapanon holidays?

– The Japanese gardens and temples We have. Japanese gardeners designed these gardens with the intention that they lasted two hundred years or more. In these temples you can breathe a calm which is completely different to elsewhere.

– What about the climate and the time inJapan? Are they the same or different to Spanish ones?

– The temperature is the same as in Spanish inland, but much more humid. Time is different. In summer it is seven hours more and in winter it’s eight hours more.

– Do you think that it is important to speak different languages in nowadays global society?

– Yes, of course. It is crucial to speak several languages to be
able to communicate with many people

– Why do you want to do this Spanish course?

– Because I like the way the language rounds and the way Spanish people are since I watched some Spanish movies. I also like Latin-American movies and now I can understand them better than before.

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