Direct Connection: Japan-Nerja ( and 2)

By 22 November, 2013 October 24th, 2018 The School

– Why did you choose Escuela de Idiomas Nerja?

– Because I likeAndalusiaand my former teacher used to say that Nerja is a very romantic town.

– During you experience in Nerja, what did you like it most?

– I have lived unforgettable experiences in Nerja, but what I really liked were the typical feasts in this village, the beaches, my friends and the Spanish host family with whom I have shared all these months. Generally speaking, people are very kind here. I met my Spanish friends on the feast ofSan Isidro, in May, and that’s why this festival is very special for me.

 – Is it difficult to adapt to Spanish customs?

– No, absolutely not. From the very first day I got used to little new things, so I’m  one more Spanish now

– What has surprised you most of our country? What is the most important social and cultural difference betweenSpainandJapan?

– It was kind of surprising that people speaks so much and so loud. Meal times are also different, because here you have dinner very late. Besides, when we talk to each other, physical distance is much bigger inJapan. InSpain, people are closer when they talk to you.

– What’s your Spanish favourite food?

– Difficult to say. I really love the paella that Francisca, my Spanish host mother, cooks, also pickled anchovies (boquerones en vinagre), olives, vegetable and legume stew, razor shells…

– What’s your advice for the new students that arrive to the School every Monday?

– Actually I recommend them going out a lot and enjoy traditional Spanish feasts so that they meet Spanish people and then go out for tapas with them. It is the best way to learn Spanish out of the classroom, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

– Do you remember any funny story throughout these months in your Spanish lessons?

– I laughed a lot when teacher Francisco called “Charlie’s Angels to Dagmar, Khatarina and me. We really look like them a lot!

– Finally, What’s your favourite word in Spanish? Why?

– “Amigos” and “amigas” (“friends”), because I like how they sound and because thanks to my friends here I have been really happy in Nerja.

– Thanks a lot, Aki!


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