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ECOEscuela, the Ecology Blog, is born

By 26 March, 2014June 6th, 2018EcoNerja, Newsletters (English)

ECoEscuela, the new category in Escuela de Idiomas Nerja’s blog devoted to ecology, was launched last February, aiming to promote the environmental preservation. In this new section you can find information related to the care of the ecosystem. The creation of ECOEscuela must be seen in the frame of a series of initiatives carried out by the School in order to encourage sustainable development, based on the respect for nature and a rational use of our natural resources.

The Andalusian learning centre has developed a planning strategy for the collection and recycling of reusable stuff at the School. In this way, glass, plastic, paper, batteries, caps and electrical appliances are classified and recycled to be used again afterwards. Besides, power saving constitutes one of the other commitments of the school, by using energy saving light bulbs and halogen lamps. Another measure taken by the School is the patronising of animals in danger of extinction and abuse.

With regard to ECOEscuela, the Blog’s new section, the School’s communication team will periodically publish news of informative, didactic and educational kind on diverse aspects of ecology, such as energy saving, natural and ecological products, animal care or recycling of materials.

Protection and preservation of the environment are a basic part of the School’s philosophy, in accordance with the ecologist mind of most of the students who visit the centre every year. Nowadays, statistics show thatSpainis a country in which recycling percentage is increasing, even overtaking the European average in these days. According to statistics, 70 per cent of Spanish people use to recycle and contribute to the Earth care.

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