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“El Sol” August 2019

Malaga festivity 2019

The Malaga Festivity has its origins in the commemoration of the incorporation of Malaga into the Corona de Castilla by the Catholic Monarchs, Don Fernando and Doña Isabel, who entered in the city on August 19, 1487, reconquered it and recovered for the city the image of the Virgin of Victory.

In every corner of the city you can drink good wine, dance, listen to music, one of the most popular are the verdiales, performed by groups of men dressed in their clean white shirt and black or grey trousers, and recognized for wearing hats decorated with flowers and colourful ribbons playing small guitars.

In addition, the cabalists parade through the streets, all museums are open during the festivity and there are many open exhibitions in the city center.

At the Real de la Feria

The fair that is lived outside the city center in the Cortijo de Torres, people can also have fun in the attractions and in hundreds of booths of different cultural associations, institutions, political and social organizations or in the made up of friends or families who invite people to drink good mountain wine and eat Serrano ham and fried fish.

It is usually more advisable to go to the Real de la Feria at night as the heat has stopped.

The party here lasts to almost at daybreak, time to go for a hot drink and rest for a few hours so that you can be in shape and re-join the fair downtown at noon.

It is therefore a fair that is lived, unlike all other Andalusia fairs, and this is another of its peculiarities, in two different scenarios: the city center and the Real de la Feria, especially conditioned for to house the booths and attractions of all kinds that meet there.

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