Happy students of Spanish. Congratulations, Germany!

By 20 August, 2014 June 6th, 2018 Nerja, Spanish language, The School, The voice of Students

Germany won last World Cup that took place in Brazil. Congratulations to all German people, who thanks to a beautiful offensive way of playing football have been fair winners. The School wants to congratulate all the German students who, year after year, visit us. As a matter of fact, Germany is the second country in number of students in the School, only after Switzerland.

The mild weather during the whole year and the natural beauty of the Costa del Sol (with an awesome contrast between sea and mountains) are two of the main factors that make Germans to choose the area. In addition to this, the presence of an important resident German community in Nerja and the direct airport connection between Nerja and the main cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Koln, Frankfort…) also encourage German students to visit Nerja and take a course, usually of two or four weeks. 

For the Next World Cup, we hope to enjoy Spanish football again. By now, congratulations, Germany, for your fair play and for your third Football World Cup!


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