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How to make a good seafood dish


Students coming to Nerja to learn Spanish also take advantage of their stay in Spain to enjoy the Mediterranean cookery. Today we are going to learn some Spanish with the help of a good kitchen friend: Smooth clam (concha fina, as it is known in Málaga). This is a delicious bivalve mollusc that can be found at every bar and restaurant along the Coast of Málaga.

It is usually served raw as a tapa, uncooked and just with some lemon on it. We can also add some coriander and lime juice. If you feel like cooking it you can prepare a marinara sauce or pil-pil, which are very popular in Spanish food.

Smooth clams may be up to 10 cm. long. They can be found 150 miles away from Spanish, French, Italian and Magreb coastlines, always in clean a good waters.

If you have a good picture of a typical dish from your country, please send it to us to and…explain us your recipe!!

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