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How to make a good watermelon gazpacho

Do you like traditional gazpacho? This cold soup, typical in Spanish summers, especially in Andalusia is giving way to a number of other different varieties that offer new textures and tastes, becoming in the perfect choice to go chef for a day. One of the hot recipes this month has been Watermelon gazpacho. Alberto Díaz, a teacher at the School, has given us the recipe to prepare this delicious dessert at our own home.

 Ingredients are: ½ watermelon, 6 large tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt. It is very important not adding extra water, as watermelon contains a lot of water.

 First, peel the tomatoes, and cut the watermelon in small pieces. Remove the watermelon’s seeds. It is highly recommended to take the central part of the clove of garlic, because this part of garlic may be hard to digest. Now put the tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt in a large plastic bowl and blend it all.

 Finally, add the watermelon, keeping blending the mixture until there are not lumps in it and the soup is liquid enough. Taste the soup to add more salt, vinegar or oil if necessary.

 We recommend you to chill the gazpacho in the fridge for some hours before serving, so it is very fresh when you eat it. This is a new recipe, different to the classic gazpacho, and it’s a trend this summer! Perfect after the lessons!

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