Japan and the Spanish Courses


All through this summer we are enjoying the presence and sympathy of four students who come from Japan and are learning a lot of Spanish and, at the same time, they are teaching a huge amount of aspects related to the Japanese culture.

 Aki, Kaori, Rina and Akiko have met in Nerja. They all decided to visit the School because of their interest in knowing about Spanish people way of life, and, especially about Andalusia.

 Spanish is becoming more and more important in Asia, particularly in Japan, where the Spanish culture has a large number of experts. The arrival of these Japanese girls means a breath of fresh air to the School, because during the lessons we all can learn a lot about the social characteristics and way of life of this country.

For their part, Aki, Kaori, Rina and Akiko, all of them with an advanced Spanish level, are taking advantage of their stay here in the Costa del Sol, going for tapas, enjoying a fresh drink while they practise the language in everyday situations. Thanks a lot for your exquisite politeness and kindness!


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