Learn Spanish culture in China

By 16 December, 2013 June 6th, 2018 Spanish language

Chinese Television has launched a very special contest: a contest that gives a prize to best Spanish in China. Contenders for the prize will have to show their knowledge of some aspects of Spanish culture. This is a very funny and relaxed way to learn something about Spanish culture in China.

It is the first contest show in Chinese TV created with the aim of speaking Spanish. The initiative is born in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, meaning to promote and encourage the learning of Spanish, and strengthen links between both cultures.

The show will be broadcasted on prime time by Chinese National Television. 170 people will take part in it and there will be three winners. The candidates’ level, most of them young people, is very high. Learning Spanish culture in China is possible now; In fact, officially, ten thousand Chinese people learn Spanish in the Asian country.

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