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Nature to learn Spanish


The care for Nature and the environment is something very important for the School and for the Spanish Courses. Many of our students encourage us to keep working in this green philosophy to take care of the natural landscape by means of ecological initiatives. Since many years ago, for example, the School uses to recycle all paper, plastic, glass, batteries and old office and computer stuff.

 The protection of nature is the responsibility of all of us and, as a result, it lets us to enjoy stunning images, like the one we are posting today. A family of birds is playing besides the students at El Playazo Beach, Nerja. It was a windy day, but the visit was worth it thanks to the great amount of birds in full action that we could see.

 If we take care of nature with sustainable development measures, we will have the possibility of enjoying the plants and animals of theCosta del Solfor many years. Thanks for the picture. Have a nice day!

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