Photos to learn Spanish: El Salón Beach

There are a lot of classroom activities related to photography in a Spanish Course like, for example, this picture of El Salón Beach in Nerja. By using photographies, this week our students are practising oral presentations and also the use of internet in lessons, with pictures of Nerja that have an emotional meaning for them.

This kind of tasks are useful to learn Spanish in a different, practical way, containing the use of technological resources that are, of course, very present al the students’ everyday lives, such as, for instance, a camera, a mobile phone or an internet network.

Many of the students chose a photo of El Salón Beach, located on the right side of El Balcón de Europa. This is one of the students’ favourite beaches to do their homework after the lessons, because here they can still see the traditional fishermen working with their  boats, in which they go fishing every night, bringing fresh fish to the local restaurants early every morning.

The name of this beach comes from the Hebrew word “Shalom”, which, among a number of different meanings, implies the sense of “saying goodbye”. The reason of this is that the Jewish people who left Nerja some centuries ago travelled by boat from El Salón Beach.

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