Aprenda o Espanhol em Espanha

Cursos de Espanhol

Cursos de língua, cultura e civilização espanhola, dados com uma metodologia que dá ênfase na prática de processos comunicativos reais.

High quality Spanish Courses

Spanish Language, Culture and Civilization Courses, utilising a methodology that emphasizes communication process in practice. 14 Spanish programs for all ages and interests, Spanish Language and Culture or courses for specific purposes.

Accredited and recognized

Accredited by Instituto Cervantes since 2008 and member of IALC, EEA, FEDELE, “Escuela de Idiomas Nerja” has been nominated 10 times for the “Spanish Star School Award”, recognition given by Study Travel Magazine.

On-site accommodation

“Living Spanish” is also about enjoying the accommodation that best suits your needs. A wide variety is on offer.

The Moorish-Andalusian style “Club Costa Nerja” with 18 rooms and 4 studios, is located in the Old Quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from the School and beaches.

Excellent location

Nerja, with over 14 km of coastline and beautiful beaches, has a mild climate all year round. It preserves the flavour of the typical Andalusian village, has the charm and friendliness of its people. Perfect place to learn Spanish welcomed by the hospitality of the village.

Cultural programme

The school has an attractive program of cultural and leisure activities related to the educational process: half-day and full-day excursions, wine tasting, “tapas” tour, beach volleyball, kayaking, Spanish cinema, cooking classes, salsa or flamenco lessons and more.

Small group size

Our courses are specially designed for every need any student might have. You can find “One to one course”, Super intensive programs with a maximum of 6 students or our Intensive program with a maximum of 10 students.

Profesores buenos y amables, siempre de buen humor. De verdad inspiradores. Yo no participé en ninguna actividades, porque quería utilizar mi estancia corta para estudiar, y debido a que sólo tuve dos semanas para aprender tanto como sea posible.

Lis Colberg, DanesaIntensive Spanish Course

La escuela tiene los mejores profesores y el mejor ambiente.

Susanne Stub, DanesaIndividual Spanish Course “One to One”

Buenos profesores, cursos interesantes con buenos libros de texto, pueblo encantador cerca del mar.

Barbro Heijbel, SuecaIntensive Spanish Course

Aprenda o Espanhol em Espanha. Viva o Espanhol!



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