Rap to learn Spanish

By 18 August, 2014 June 6th, 2018 EcoNerja, Spanish language

Not very often we have the chance to listen to rap music in Spanish lessons. An American student with Puerto Rican parents showed us this song in order to make a presentation aboutSouth America’s problems. Since there are people who don’t have the opportunity to learn languages, and even less to travel to other countries, today we pay tribute to all those people who, day after day, work hard in very difficult conditions to give their families a better life inSpain,South Americaand anywhere in the world.

 Calle 13 is the most popular band in Puerto Rico. It is a rap band formed by three musicians –two boys and a girl. The band mixes up very varied styles like rap, rock, ska, meringue, bossa nova and even electronic music, always with satisfactory results.

 This is not reggaeton. It is much more than that. The play very singular instruments and their lyrics talk about the social and cultural topics and problems ofLatin America. Their warmth has made them win 19 Latin Grammy awards and two Grammy awards. There goes our own particular prize: the best song of this month of August for our School’s newsletter, El Sol.

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