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Recycling paper is about everyone

By 23 September, 2014June 6th, 2018EcoNerja, Nerja, Newsletters (English), Spanish language, The School

Recycling paper is a must for everyone at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja: teachers, students of the Spanish Courses, direction and secretary. Taking care of the planet is a common responsibility and the School, in the frame of its Corporate Social Responsibility politics, is promoting the use of ecological measures in order to protect the natural environment.

The demand of paper is becoming higher and higher. In a normal day, a person is able to consume a lot of paper. Just think about the morning newspaper, the post, photocopies at work, paper napkins, post-it on the fridge, etc.

Every person uses hundreds of kilos a year, many times in a totally unnecessary way. In this way, there are fewer forests and jungles nowadays and the animals and plants that inhabit in these environments are more vulnerable to extinction.

The process of manufacturing paper is complex and very harmful to the environment. First, trees are cut, and wood is treated with a lot of chemical products. Then, a number of other different materials, such as starch and clay, are added to get a more resistant and bright paper.

And even more chemicals! Why is paper white? Because paper is whitened with bleach, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide, which are very polluting products. So, as far as it is possible, it is better to reduce paper consumption and, if you cannot avoid using it, recycle it. By this, we will make a better world in our Spanish courses.


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