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Spanish courses and ecology: Saving water


The School is aware of the importance of saving water to the maximum during summer in all of its Spanish courses. A responsible energy use is one of the centre’s main commitments, both in the School and the residential campus. All of us together can live in a better world if we protect nature and take care of the ecology.

 In summer, with high temperatures, we use to spend more water. To be in contact with water is the most pleasant thing in these summer days. However, here we post some advices for saving water:


1. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth and use a glass to wash out your mouth.

 2. Have a shower instead of a bath. Turn off the tap while you are soaping.

 3. Use economical systems: blowers that inject air into the water supply, double toilet cisterns with dual push button to adjust the level of water flow, water flow limiters, mono mixer taps to control the water flow and temperature at the same time…

 4. Water your plants at night or early in the morning, to avoid water evaporation in the morning.

 5. Reuse rain water: It is perfect to wash the floor, the car, to refill the WC water, to water the plants, the garden… among many other uses. Take advantage of this fantastic free resource.

 6. Use the dishwasher: Washing the dishes by hand means using 10% more water and also spending more energy. Nevertheless, when you turn the dishwasher on, it must be loaded to its maximum capacity. It is important that the washing machine is loaded to the maximum, too.

 7. Buy efficient and modern home appliances in order to save energy.


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