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Discover your level of Spanish with the Free Spanish Test Online of Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

At Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, as an accredited center by Instituto Cervantes in teaching the Spanish language, we care about the students and their education process. For this reason, we precise to know the students spanish level giving them the opportunity to do a free Spanish test. With it, we will be able to guide the students in an efficient way before choosing any of the Spanish courses we have and of the course, provide the best learning experience ever.

Something that is only possible thanks to the Spanish test. A written test comprising in 30 questions, divided into blocks of five questions according to their difficulty. The questions are articulated accordingly to the grammar and vocabulary required for each level of Spanish. This segmentation gives an idea of the students´skills facing his learning experience at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja.

After the test level has been finished, the result will be considering the standards of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Likewise, the students will be assigned to the best matching Spanish group in accordance with their spanish level, once the reservation for our Spanish classes in Spain has been made.

Spanish test: Spanish levels

A1 – Beginner

Those who understand simple Spanish structures in our language, designed to meet immediate needs, belong to this level. The oral and written comprehension skills are elementary here, because it required an articulated simple and clear language in order to be able to cooperate with others and understand them.

A2 – Basic

In contrast to the previous level, the students are able to understand daily communications and have better comprehension of the language. The students are also able to describe through a simple structure, both orally and writing, short messages to answer issues they know.

B1 – Intermediate

From now on, the students begin to understand texts and central interlocutors’ ideas, as long as they face familiar topics. This extends to leisure situations -including movies-, study or work.

In this way, the Spanish students are able to write texts and exchange simple conversations, besides justifying or explaining their own opinions in a brief and simple way.

B2 – High intermediate

The comprehension of texts and discourses extends to abstract subjects and more complex lines of exposing ideas within the field of specialization. This implies the ability to engage in conversations with sufficient fluency and naturalness to make the communication comfortable and effective.

At the same time, the students are capable to express points of view and the understanding of some slang words.

C1 – Operational domain

Reaching this level is synonymous of the understanding of extensive texts of certain complexity. And is complemented with being able to express oneself in a fluid and spontaneous way. Thanks to this, a flexible and effective use of the language is made for academic, professional or social purposes.

At this level the students have the ability to structure clear and detailed texts on topics of certain complexity.

C2 – Master’s degree (bilingualism)

This level implies the total comprehension of what is heard and red. In this way, it is possible to reconstruct the information coming from different sources in order to compose them in a coherent, fluid and precise way, even in more complex situations.

Do you know what your level of Spanish is? Discover it in our FREE SPANISH TEST ONLINE!.

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