The “E Day” celebrates that 500 million people speak Spanish all over the world

By 30 June, 2014 June 6th, 2018 Spanish Culture, Spanish language, The School


As every year, the “E Day” was held on June 21st, to underline the current strength of Spanish all around the world, with 500 million people speaking it. This figure represents a 7% of total global population. As a matter of fact, Spanish is the most used language by people all over the world, only overtaken by Mandarin Chinese.

Furthermore, Spanish is nowadays the second most used language in the internet, only with English above it. All these data show that Spanish is a highly topical language today, as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are broadly used by young people. This use of Spanish by young people of many countries assures a healthy and promising future for the language in the whole world.

In total, 20 million people study Spanish around the world. The situation in Brazil is especially remarkable, since this is country is the second one with more Spanish students (The first one is the United States, with France in the third place). Currently, there are eight cities in Brazil that count with an office of the Instituto Cervantes. Brazilians’ interest may be explained by the fact that the country is surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries, so the knowledge of Spanish for international financial and commercial purposes is a necessity.

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