The School commits itself to act under criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By 26 March, 2014 June 6th, 2018 EcoNerja, Newsletters (English)

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has recently made a commitment to meet the requirements established by the international educational institution ESL Educational Group in the field of sustainable development. By this way, the Andalucian learning centre will act under CSR criteria that will encourage the protection of the environment and the natural surroundings around the town ofNerja.

The ESL Education Group initiative has as its goal to evaluate actions related to sustainable development in order to promote social and economic development, while the environment is also protected at the same time.

English triple “P” (people, planet, profit) stands as the best summary of what CSR means and represents. Voluntarily, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja searches to conciliate growth and competitiveness by the integration of the commitment social development and environmental protection.

In 2001, the European Commission defined CSR as “the enterprises’ voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns into their business operations and in collaboration with their stakeholders”.

Indeed, by the practice of CSR, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has made the commitment of safeguarding ethical, environmental and social interest of Nerja´s society. By these ecological initiatives, wants to take its part in the local nature protection, as a way of thanking Nerja´s people’s confidence and affection for the School throughout its 30 years of experience.

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