Verano Azul in Nerja (2)

By 21 February, 2014 October 24th, 2018 Nerja

There is a park in Nerja called “Verano Azul” (located in Antonio Ferrandis “Chanquete” Street), and in this street students can see a massive blue fishing boat, that is photographed and visited a lot, mainly by Spanish tourists. What does this boat means? What is “Verano Azul”?

Verano Azul is the title of the most important TV series in Spanish Television history for many Spanish people. Verano Azul tells the story of a group of young boys and girls who spent the most important summer of their lives in Nerja. During the months of July and August, these youngsters will experience strong emotions and they will meet a very special man, Chanquete.

Chanquete is a man who will always help them and teach them a lot of things about life in general. He is happy, supportive, clever and helpful. That man, who unfortunately dies at the end of the story, has got a boat called “La Dorada”, known in Spain as Chanquete’s boat. This is the boat we can see and take a picture of in Nerja.

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