Verano Azul in Nerja

By 24 January, 2014 June 6th, 2018 Nerja

Verano Azul is the Spanish most succesful TV show in the 80s and it was shot in Nerja. The main characters in it, their experiences and Nerja’s settings are part of the collective memory for a whole generation of Spaniards who grew up as they watch the series on their home sofas every Sunday.

The series is about a group of boys ad girls, aged between 10 and 15, who spend the best summer of their lives in Nerja. There they will experience untold adventures and meet really enthralling people, like Mr. Chanquete, who will teach them such kind of things you cannot learn in schools.

Verano Azul  was directed by Antonio Mercero and it was shown on the Spanish Public Television (Televisión Española). It was filmed in Nerja from late August 1979 to December 1980. The original TV broadcast was between 1981 and1982, In total, 19 episodes of one hour.

Nowadays, many symbols all around Nerja remind us of that mythical series, like, for example,Verano Azu lPark or the Antonio Mercero statue located in Burriana Beach. Furthermore, many of the main characters in the show still live in Nerja.

Nerja is a usual natural setting for the shooting of many movies, TV series, advertisements and videoclips, mostly German and Scandinavian. Producers and directors choose Nerja not only because of its natural surroundings’ beauty and quality (beaches, mountains, etc.), but also the generous character and warmth of Nerja’s people, who collaborate in the shooting’s success.

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