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By 27 February, 2013 October 24th, 2018 EIN


Directors of the School

Dear Readers,
Renate Urban and I are pleased and thrilled to announce the birth of our new school newsletter. It has been created with the enthusiasm, support and collaboration of our entire staff.

The new digital publication has been designed in an effort to periodically inform all of our student and agent friends around the world of the latest new developments related to Escuela de Idiomas Nerja: Spanish courses, social-cultural programmes, facilities, accommodation, social networks, events in our town and much more.
The creation of the newsletter is part of the commitment of all of us who work at the school to keep alive the philosophy of ongoing renewal and training which has characterised us from the school’s very beginnings more than thirty years ago. In today’s digital era, this philosophy absolutely includes an outstanding presence on the Net and an effective use of the new technologies adapted to our students’ needs.
I would like to take this opportunity to also send out a big hello to all of the students that have visited us over the last three decades in this profession as well as particularly thank those who have returned to Nerja year after year for a few weeks and have trusted in us to learn Spanish and enjoy the completely unforgettable experience of immersion in Spanish culture. See you soon!

Luis Carrión and Renate Urban

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