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Why is Nerja one of the trendiest places?

By 24 January, 2018May 26th, 2020EIN

A few days ago, the largest online travel community in the world, TripAdvisor announced that Nerja had been one of the most popular places in the world and in Europe. One of the emerging destinations in 2017.

Many people have already read that fantastic news and that is why today, we want to share on our blog of the Ecuela de Idiomas Nerja, the news that has published the magazine “ELLE” and shows some of the reasons why Nerja is being one of the favorite cities for the international traveling community.

Why is Nerja one of the most popular cities?

No one expected it, but the small town of Malaga has given the bell in the Traveler’s Choice Destinations Emerging Destinations, which every year gives the Trip Advisor online travel community to those places where their users are looking for more information, hotel reservations or recommendations about restaurants.

Nerja figure, attention, in the fourth place in the European ranking of emerging destinations and eighth in the world.

For Trip Advisor, “Nerja is located along the Costa del Sol. Its seafront, the Balcón de Europa, offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and the mountain, and below it travelers can find sandy beaches and cliffs full of A popular place of interest in this coastal town is the Cueva de Nerja, which stands out for its peculiar stalactites and stalagmites and for its paleolithic paintings “.

It is a good summary, but we want to provide some other ‘types’ and reasons why we support the Nerja motion as one of the ‘place to travel’ of the year:

The town is not yet overcrowded. Unlike other coastal towns of Málaga, such as Benalmádena or Torremolinos, in Nerja you can still breathe (although, the figures indicate that it is increasing and this news of Trip Advisor can be the final push). Although there are hotel infrastructure and many apartments, there is not the logistics of other coastal sites, which do not receive as many people. For the moment.

You can go at any time of the year. Its average annual temperature is 18.2 ºC. January is its coldest, but with a mild climate, of 11 ºC on average. And in summer, although it is hot, it is not especially crushing or sticky. In fact, the name of the city comes from the Arabic ‘narixa’, which means “abundant spring”. Get ready, yes, for some wind gusts stronger than others.

The charm of its beaches. El Playazo, El Chucho, La Caletilla, Calahonda … In total, 13 kilometers of beach. The most frequented of all is  La Torrecilla; the most equipped, is Burriana; Chorrillo is perfect for snorkeling and discover the flora and fauna of the area and El Salon is one of the most charming, being next to the old fishermen’s houses.

The locality itself. It is much more than a summer resort. It is worth strolling through its historic center, dating from 1487, of white houses and narrow streets, dotted with colorful motifs. Approach the impressive Balcony of Europe, an old fortress of the nineteenth century converted into an incredible viewpoint over the Mediterranean, so baptized by Alfonso XII, who had the idea when he realized that from his railing you could see Africa from Europe.

It’s much more than “Verano Azul” … But Mercero’s series is there. Although it had been a holiday destination for decades, ‘Verano Azul’ put Nerja on the map for many of us. For 16 months, between the end of August 1979 and December 1980, the 19 episodes of this production, which premiered in 1981 and chronicled the adventures of a group of adolescents and children during a summer in Nerja, were filmed.


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