Why Studying in Nerja? (Part 1)

By 8 November, 2013 October 24th, 2018 Nerja

Students visiting Nerja to learn Spanish do it for a number of reasons. However, most of them agree on pointing that the relaxed and quiet atmosphere, together with the human kindness of its inhabitants, are  deciding factors in order to choose this town on the coast of  the province of Málaga to learn and improve their language command.

Nerja is a town of 20,000 inhabitants, located inAndalusia. It is50 kilometresaway from Málaga, in an area calledCosta del Sol. Unlike many other coastal towns, Nerja still maintains the typical urban infrastructure you can find in the old towns and villages, with one-storey white-painted houses, narrow streets, most of them pedestrian. Skyscrapers, large hotels and resorts have not been built in Nerja, which allows the visitors to enjoy the charm of a natural environment surrounded of sea and green landscapes. Life in Nerja is quiet, stress-free and without traffic in the streets.

In addition to all of that, learning Spanish in Nerja also means living together with its inhabitants: outgoing, talkative, gentle and helpful people who like spending most of their time out in the streets. Walks along the old town, visits to their relatives and friends and meetings in the typical bars and cafés are the favourite pastimes for Nerja inhabitants.

For young students who arrive to Nerja to learn Spanish , it is quiet usual to meet people –men and women, young and old- with whom the make friends easily. Coexistence is absolutely positive for all of them, and it also guarantees the student’s complete immersion in Spanish culture and idiosyncrasy.

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