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Homestay programs in Spain

By 6 August, 2019Homestay programs

Study Spanish with host families for international students

With Escuela de Idiomas Nerja is easy thanks to our homestay program within a Spanish family in Nerja.

An accommodation comprises in half board with all the guarantees to live an incredible Spanish learning experience within a host family from Nerja, and liying within a short distance from the School and Club Costa Nerja (maximum 20 minutes walking) where you will be able to study the best Spanish courses.

Take full advantage of studying Spanish abroad within a Spanish family and discover the gastronomy, culture and traditions, activities and visits throughout Andalusia with the best of your host family tips.

Live and learn Spanish with a host family is something unique. It is about knowing in depth the local customs and learning local language expressions most used by the Spaniards of Andalusia.

Learn Spanish and live together knowing the local customs enriches the experience of learning Spanish thanks to a real need of communication with a family from Nerja.

Advantages of a study program with Spanish families

One of the great incentives to learn Spanish within a study program with Spanish families is to meet, share and enjoy the local daily life of a family from Nerja.

Getting used to the accent, knowing the most popular expressions and becoming fluent in Spanish are important part of the experience.

In Escuela de Idiomas Nerja we know the importance of interacting with native people. Learning a language is better when it comes to an immersive and comprehensive experience.

From Escuela de Idiomas Nerja we recommend the study program with host Spanish families because there is nothing like learning Spanish in Spain within a Spanish family and taking back with you a beautiful memory and a great friendship waiting for you in Nerja.

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  • Trudievanderburg says:

    I am 70 of age and like to do the 50+ course
    of Spanish this February 2020
    I also like to stay with a family in Nerja
    I am a very active person and hope to do some hiking, biking etc.
    When are the courses starting and would it be possible to write with a guest family before i come?
    i have taken a course in Spanish but am a beginner still.

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