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Study Spanish abroad during summertime

Summertime, a wonderful season to study Spanish in Spain

Summertime is synonymous of holidays for some people. Time to improve Spanish language skills exploring the country enrolled in a specialized Spanish School. That is why summertime is the ideal season to study Spanish in Spain.

Study travel during summertime

Why students choose Spain?

Spain is not only the homeland where Spanish was born. It also has the culture that makes easy to be understood organically by the students. That is why learning the language of Cervantes in our country does not only means studying Spanish in Spain. The culture by itself helps students to understand the language.

The climate, food or the popular folklore such as flamenco and hospitality are special features of Spain. Especially from Andalusia, where the essence of our country resides.

That is why Nerja, in the shoreline of Malaga, represents the ideal place to learn Spanish in Spain during summer.

Nerja, rather than a destination centred in tourism: is a cultural destination

The coastal city of Nerja shows to their visitors a cave of incalculable geological value, World Heritage Site, natural parks of great ecological value or charming villages such as Frigiliana, in which they could get an immersive cultural and leisure experience.

In Nerja you can know the secrets of the Mediterranean thanks to its beaches of crystal-clear water and little waves, between the Spanish classes. Also, after having a swim in the sea, you can taste the best Spanish gastronomy: paella, Spanish ham, wine, and everything without the sun going down.

You will enjoy long sunny days, where you will have time to do almost everything you propose before sunset. Moment that can be enjoyed in all its fullness from the Balcony of Europe.

Study abroad during summertime at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

You can also stay at Club Costa Nerja and not to worry about finding accommodation on your own. You will have all the comforts during your stay in our School. Nerja is a unique place where you will feel at home learning Spanish in Spain.

What are you waiting for to live a course of Spanish at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja?


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